It’s a Matter of Hope in Life and Death

Sedona-based spiritual medium Alice Molter-Serrano inspires hope in the midst of life-threatening illness

Photo courtesy of Alice Molter-Serrano

It is a bright and sunny springtime day in Sedona, Ariz. as Alice Molter-Serrano sits quietly in reflection underneath two large mesquite trees in her yard. There is a warm breeze, and the only audible sounds are windchimes and chirping birds. The stunning red rock mountains surrounding her home create a tranquil, spiritual sanctuary.

“I’m dying,” she says.

This might sound a bit ironic given that Molter-Serrano is a spiritual medium that communicates with those who have died and crossed over to the other side.

For nearly 20 years, Molter-Serrano’s mission has been to provide hope and healing to grieving individuals by connecting them to their deceased loved ones. She is also a certified hypnotherapist, empath, author of the book “A Matter of Hope: Transmuting Significant Life Changes and Loss Workbook,” and host of her podcast “Chasing Rabbits.” Her work is inspired by her own losses of her brother when she was 19 years old, and her daughter Hope who died shortly after birth in 1993.

With declining health and a lack of available treatment options for Stage 4 kidney disease, she now looks for hope in a new way — for herself and for others.

Doctors have advised her to go on dialysis but have not offered any additional recommendations for treatment. She’s frustrated that dialysis is the only option — and an expensive one at that. She is embarking on a new journey of discovery and alternative healing, while advocating for change in the system itself.

“The medical profession is falling apart. I can’t even get my medications straight. The system is so broken,” she says.

This isn’t the first time she has encountered issues with the medical profession.

In 1951, at just 18 months old, she had a near-death experience. After coming home from the doctor’s office, where she received a shot for treatment of the flu, she began hemorrhaging from her bowels.

Her family rushed her to the hospital, but because they lived on a farm in a rural area in Illinois, the closest hospital was 20 miles away. By the time they got to the hospital, her veins had collapsed and she needed a blood transfusion. She was in the hospital for seven days and required a second transfusion to survive.

“I think I died. I never knew this happened until I was older when I asked my mother, ‘What are these scars on my arms from?’” she says.

Doctors suspected that either she received the wrong medication or it was an overdose. Her family later found out that the nurse who administered the shot was intoxicated. In those days lawsuits were not prevalent, so her family did not take legal action against the hospital.

It’s not clear whatever happened to the nurse. However, as a result of the experience, Molter-Serrano has had trauma all her life around the medical profession. Now at 72 years old, the experience has come full circle.

“Several of my longtime clients are saying, ‘What you’re going through now is clearly related to what happened earlier in life,’” she says.

She reflects on a psychic reading she received about 50 years ago while she was working in theater in Chicago, long before she became a spiritual medium. “The psychic said, ‘I see you with a group of healer women, and you are leading them. You have been guiding them, and now you’re standing before them and you’re going to change laws,’” she says.

At the time she thought the reading was ridiculous. Now she understands.

Image provided by Alice Molter-Serrano via Facebook

Molter-Serrano has assembled a support group of 20 women, all close clients, who each work in the field of medicine and are frustrated with the state of the system. Their mission is to bring about change in the medical field, which they all agree has become too focused on money. She believes this is a part of her mission, and what she’s supposed to do.

Although she is facing a life-threatening disease, Molter-Serrano is not afraid of dying — rather, she’s afraid of not having enough time to complete everything she wants to accomplish. Most importantly, she wants to spend more time with her husband and her son.

Working with those who have already passed gives her a unique perspective and understanding of what may lie on the other side.

“It’s a wonderful place. There’s a part of me that’s like it’s okay because I’ve been there. The people I love are there,” she says.

She’s just not ready to go yet.

Even in the midst of her own health crisis, she remains steadfast in her mission to help others. “I believe I am here to give everyone hope,” she says.

Image provided by Alice Molter-Serrano

Molter-Serrano will soon bring together the group of women, some on zoom and some in person, under the same large mesquite trees to begin a new journey of healing. It will be an opportunity for her to begin another chapter of inspiring hope in this life, and possibly the next.

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